Compassionate Care

At St. Luke's Behavioral Health Center, we consider it a privilege to care for our patients, their families and guests. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to treatment that addresses each person's physiological, psychological, spiritual and social needs with compassion and dignity.

Patient-Centered Care

Patients are at the center of their care plan. Consistent communication between the patient and the health care team helps to set, meet (and exceed) expectations, as well as identifying and addressing the unique needs of each person. Every day, the St. Luke's Behavioral Health Center team works closely to provide as positive an experience as possible.

Here are a few examples of what our patients say about St. Luke's Behavioral Health Center:

had an exceptional nurse, kind, concerned, very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and quite frankly reduced my anxiety appreciably. She is a "beautiful soul" caring, very professional and considerate. I am honored to have known her.

The staff member went above and beyond. She identified and wrote a list of coping skills. She is a very authentic person, very sincere, considerate and kind. She is quite knowledgeable and was very helpful to me. Her patience was a considerable asset to me

Dear staff, My sincere thanks for the wonderful help I have received at this facility. The staff have been beyond kind and my mood has vastly improved in the time I have been here. It has to be said that my fellow patients also have greatly contributed to my improvement. Keep on doing what you are doing!